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A New Desk Reference for Workplace Wellness Professionals

MANASQUAN, NJ -- The Wellness Program Management Yearbook, Third Edition, a desk reference for wellness and health promotion professionals has been published.

The yearbook has been compiled by the editorial team that produces Wellness Program Management Advisor, the monthly newsletter for workplace wellness professionals. The yearbook provides the results of exclusive wellness management research, benchmark information, new program ideas, strategies, tips and checklists crucial for today’s successful wellness program.

Chapters in the new edition included information about:
• The Goals and Responsibilities of Worksite Wellness Management Professionals
• Managing Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Programs
• Wellness Program Management Strategies
• Making the Case: How Documenting Wellness Program Results Can Prove Value to Senior Management
• Trends in Wellness and Health Promotion
• Motivating Employees to Participate in Workplace Wellness Programs
• Workplace Identified Diseases and Injuries
• Management and Program Information Resources for Workplace Wellness Management

Wellness professionals can use the yearbook to get comparative statistics to see how their program stacks up to the competition. Newcomers to the field can use it as a guidebook, while veteran wellness managers can reinforce the values of their program. All the important facts to back up wellness decisions are included in the Wellness Program Management Yearbook, Third Edition.

In addition, Wellness Program Management Yearbook, Third Edition contains the results of the popular wellness management leadership surveys, expert opinions and studies compiled by recognized authorities, experts, and the editors of Wellness Program Management Advisor.

Two year’s worth of the latest information has been edited and compiled to make the search for workplace wellness information as easy as possible.

Wellness Program Management Advisor, published since 1996 by Health Resources Publishing, serves the management information needs of professionals in the growing workplace wellness and health promotion field. is a Web site serving wellness professionals that also is produced by the same team.

For details on the Wellness Program Management Yearbook, Third Edition, go to: or contact: Wellness Program Management Advisor, 1913 Atlantic Avenue, Ste F5, Manasquan, NJ 08736; toll-free telephone: (800) 516-4343, fax: (888) 329-6242.
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